Total Business Backup from 2JDATA Online Backup

Backup up to 5000 PCs

2JDATA Online Backup is ideal for businesses with many workstations and laptop fleets. Schedule secure online backups for all PCs in your company with the help of 2JDATA Online Backup. Rest easy at night knowing that your backups are on auto-pilot.

Backup Your Entire Business

2JDATA Online Backup is capable of providing secure, cloud backup for your business servers.
  • Windows servers (2003, 2008, SBS 2003, SBS 2008)
  • SQL servers (2005, 2008, and 2010)
  • SharePoint servers (2008 and 2010)
  • Exchange servers (Exchange 2000, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2008, and Exchange 2010)

Image Backups

2JDATA Online Backup also provides fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection and system migration to get servers online as quickly as possible, including bare metal recovery to the same system, dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments. Protect your entire server environment including the operating system, applications like Microsoft™ Exchange and SQL, and your data.

Contact 2JDATA today and ask about our ShadowProtect technology that provides the following benifits in addition to Online Backup

  •  Rapid recovery from bare metal, to dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments
  •  Integrated backup administration from a management console
  •  ShadowProtect ImageManager to automatically consolidate backup image files
  •  Verification and re-verification of backup images
  •  VirtualBoot technology for quick failover to a virtual server
  •  Converter tool to convert to .VHD or .VMDK
  •  Automatic backup of SQL, Exchange and other critical applications
  •  Granular recovery of individual files and folders in moments
  •  Simplified migration to new Windows servers
  •  Scheduler for automatic full and incremental backups


For businesses concerned with geographic redundancy and specific redundancy requirements, 2JDATA Online Backup uses 11 data centers worldwide. These data centers are located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, and the Ukraine. By default, 2JDATA Online Backup backs up to two redundant locations. Each of these data centers require biometric credentials for entry and are under watch 24/7.

Save Your Data Today with 2JDATA Online Backup

  • Simple - One easy account for all your backup needs
  • Secure - Complete privacy protection
  • Mobile - Easy access from your mobile device
  • Powerful - Recover and restore your file versions
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